Word Counter : Show left word and throw exception when exceed the maximum limit in the text field using Jquery

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on keypress, need to show  left words from maximum word limit.

Here is the Jquery class which return left of the world when you enter word in the text/textarea  field

<script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery.fn.wordCount = function(params, max){
        var obj = {
        var total_words;
        var left_words;
        if(params) {
            jQuery.extend(obj, params);
        jQuery('#'+obj.counterElement).html( 'Maximum word limit <strong>'+max+'</strong>');
        //for each keypress function on text areas
            left_words = max- total_words;
            if(total_words <= max) {
                jQuery('#'+obj.counterElement).html( '<strong>'+left_words+'</strong> words left.   Maximum word limit <strong>'+max+'</strong>');
            else return false;

Using :
<textarea id="keywords" rows="6" cols="30" name="keywords">Test without Abstgract</textarea>
<span id="keywordsCounter"></span>

<script language="JavaScript">
        $('#keywords').wordCount('keywordsCounter', 300);


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